Model: Marc Ryan
Ropes & Photos: Soft_Bondage
Camera: Phase One
Light: Briese Focus
Location: Studio Hamburg
Date: Oktober 2019

The powerful Kanna Hojo TK is a very intense experience for the model with its tight-fitting ropes, centrally placed nono (knot) on the neck, and hojos (arm loops), which carry the essential power in a suspension. The bite (rope beginning) is left very long, in order to weave it later into the two neck ropes from behind. So a light pull on the bite will be enough to increase the effect of the ropes on the neck. Even when playing on the ground, the special effect of this harness is well felt.

Of course, this is reinforced in the air. The more horizontally later the body hangs in the suspension, the more intense it becomes. When the main suspension line is attached to the TK, angles beyond the horizontal should be avoided as otherwise the knot at the neck will choke too much.